Friday, May 8, 2009

Tonight is the last night of a very good week of poker. I love Antonio Esfandiari even if he does have the most obvious tells in all of pro poker. Plus he's to Phil Laak's left which is always entertaining. Throw in Durr and Helmuth trying to pretend they respect each other and you got a happy OOMM.

Watched the Today show today and was deeply weirded out by the fact that the only one of the NK's I can still watch on stage and see as a performer is Joe. Donnie's trying so hard to recapture his youth it's painful to watch, Jonathan looks terrified and uncomfortable, I never really understood the point of Danny and I when I look at Jordan I just see Dante and Eric's daddy, almost like he's the weird dad at the school carnival who jumps up and grabs the karoke mic.

I started laying the ground work for taking my first real vacation since 2002 the other day. I know the Most Boring Boy In The World would be really upset if he found out but I'm thinking of visiting Marius. He bought a house in Tampa and invited me down, I can't tell you how badly I want to see him, even though I'm a little afraid. He was truly my closest friend and greatest love for so many years and then we just fell apart. I'm scared that when we see each other it will be awkward and strange and we'll ruin all the fond memories.But I just have a heard time believing that we wouldn't connect when we were always so in sync. Maybe if I go down I can talk him into driving over to see BoringBoy so he doensn't get pissed at me.

I told the PerpetuallyLateIceCreamMaker about my desire to see the new Star Trek movie today and when he got done laughing himself sick ( he likes star trek and I've berated him for it time and time again) he told me I should wait and we'll go see Land of The Lost together when that comes out. I don't really know that there will be a lot of car chases and blowing things up in the Land of the Lost but that's okay because, and this will always be true:

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