Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm baaaack

I bet no one would have believed I could shut up for this long.
Funny thing is how much I enjoy being silent. For someone who talks as much as I do (and wrote as much as I wrote) it may be hard to believe but when I think of the things I’d most like to do with vacation time some of the top things include silence, or at the very least, solitude.

I spent a very small amount of time reading through entries at my old blog ( last night and had to laugh, it was like reading only all from the same person. There are people out there who’ve made a living out of creative spleen venting but it’s such bad company I don’t know that I’d want to join. I mean, the thought of being mentioned in the same breath as someone like Joan Rivers …could you die?

We know I’ll go there eventually (well, anyone who read the old blog knows) so we might as well get it over with. No, I haven’t given up the reality tv. I’ve added some shows in fact, and as you may have been able to guess by the Joan Rivers reference Celebrity Apprentice is one of them. When the show first started I was kind of in the Melissa Rivers camp because she seemed organized enough and slightly more level headed than old Joan. I have a gut reaction to Annie Duke in a pretty negative way based partially on my revulsion where her brother is concerned (for those of you not in the know, her brother is also a poker pro and is a self important prat who doesn’t understand that pushing the person at the table who is normally annoying to be more annoying actually makes YOU the most annoying person at the table. The other reason I was disinclined to root for Annie is because she has this really underhanded way of talking smack about people and then saying “but I want to make it clear I love (insert name of person who just got the smackdown) and I’ve learned a lot from them. (Smackdown receiver) is one of my best friends.” I mean, stop couching crap. Either call out their asses or kiss their asses but you can’t have it both ways without looking duplicitous and sleazy. That said, Annie is kicking everyone’s ass at this show, which I guess makes perfect sense but she’s doing it in a pretty honest way. The highlight for me (or lowlight I suppose) was finding out to a pretty fine point how out of touch with reality the Rivers women are. I mean, Joan has no concept of other human beings, it’s either you are all about Joan and her mini me or you are the devil/Hitler. She has no medium. This is a woman full of venom and self hatred just looking for somewhere to park it for awhile to take the heat off herself. Then there’s Poor Little Melissa (I’m lobbying to have her name changed to that officially) who nobody played with on the playground for fear of being eaten by her mother. I mean, it’s not like she hasn’t had therapy. This is not 3rd grade. The world is not conspiring against you, you are not that important. If people are having fun little conversations try adding something fun to the conversation. Gah!

Okay, enough, even I’m bored with that now.

I gotta give a shout out to my girl Crouching Tiger/Hidden Squid who is doing her best to steal all of the men in my life, even though she has a man she’s happy with. To be honest she doesn’t have to try very hard, but she does keep saying she wants to go everywhere my boys are going to be and I figure she’s a hot enough Tiger/Squid that they will all fall at her feet.

Stay outta Texas TigerSquid.

In other news I’ve spent a little time with someone I never thought I’d speak to again lately. J’s really mellowed in his old age. Either that or we’re still in the honeymoon stage and we’ll start winging china at each other soon. Either way, like Brock says, it’ll make a good story.

Also for the record I have no freakin clue what Tink means nor am I interested in finding out. I’m guessing you’ll all know soon enough.

I’m going to the Cheesecake factory with a bunch friends from work Monday night. It’s my first time going to the CF and everyone seems pretty freaked out by the fact that I haven’t been. In all honesty when The Most Boring Boy In the World moved to Florida he called me and told me he was going to be working at the Cheesecake Factory I thought he was going to be working at an actual factory that made cheesecakes and was kinda creeped out that they didn’t call it a bakery. I’ve been looking at the menu and while PerpetuallyLateIceCreamMan thinks I should have the chicken and biscuits I keep going back and forth between that and the steak. Of course I can always just have steak when I go out with the Bug because you don’t get a lot of chicken and biscuits anywhere else.

Oh, you don’t know who PerpetuallyLateIceCreamMan is.

You will. If by some chance he’s reading this though? I have two words for you: Rainbow Connection.

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CrackerLilo said...

Oh, wow. A lot has happened since I last read your blog! Glad you moved it over. Can't wait to read more about your life outside of watching reality TV! (Like I should talk. I got my wife into NASCAR, then she got me into hockey, so I now talk about *both* a lot. Go Pittsburgh Penguins, though I've only ever been in Pittsburgh twice!)

There must be something in the air or water. I just came off of a two-and-a-half month blog break late last week!

Anyway, welcome back! *hugs*