Friday, September 12, 2008

New Home

C'mon in. Welcome to the new address. Screw that other place and their wanting to charge me just so you guys can comment. It'll probably be awhile before I decorate up in here but in the meantime here's a little story to tide you over.

I got into a verbal battle in Wal-Mart earlier this week. With a Wal-Mart Electronics Employee.Over New Kids On the BlockYes.I know what you're thinking and you, my good friend, are correct. It was a proud, proud moment in the life of OOMM. I was wandering Wal-Mart cd land with a friend and saw this total genius (jenius?BBholla) employee walking with purpose through the crowds with a phone in hand. A girl behind me stopped him to ask, "Do you have any Pete Seeger?" He didn't even look up, just mumbled "It'd be under S." What? Seeger?Under S? What kind of revolutionary, forward thinking music store of the future have I wandered into? To her credit Petefan did NOT slam his head into the R&B Top 20 endcap while shrieking "I KNOW it's under S you complete waste of flesh. That wasn't what I asked you." But in my head? She totally did. Over and over. Alas she sipmly turned away leaving him to walk over to the display of NKOTB Greatest Hits (huh?) cd and say into the phone, "Yeah, I have 5 copies of the new release. They're $12.98." and hangs up the phone. I can't help myself. Maybe if he had been even minutely helpful to Peterfan I could have let it go. Maybe even if he had had the courtesy to say "goodbye" to the person looking for the NK cd before hanging up. Lets face it, he need to be bashed. I politely informed him that the tragically misnamed "Greatest Hits" is NOT today's newrelease. He tells me that it is because those just came in today. Look, Chuckles, you may have gotten Tom Jones Thunderball in today too but that was released in 1965. the fact that you've never recieved a new release on it's release date does not turn a greatest hits album into the new album. "But this just came in today, it's the new one. " The new one that you have cardboard cutouts for all over the front of the store for? Yeah. The cardboard cutouts announcing the new cd with a completely different cover than this? Um. Yeah. This is the cd with the different cover and different (The Block by the way) from the front? So it's not actually the Greatest Hits then. What? Okay. What's today's date? I...huh? It went on like that until I saw tears. In others news I still love my job.


The Vixen said...

Yeah. Screw those people.

oooh. first commenter.

E-Beth said...

Dammit! I'm so behind!! Those guys are jerks.

CrackerLilo said...

Just saw and followed the link--I can't believe the other place wanted to charge you! I hope you find Blogspot more congenial, because I'd love to read more stories like this.